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Image of "Epidermis Shoes" on a plinth in front of the paintings: "Pink Pieces", "Configurations", and "Rolls". The shoes are pink with latex soles and pink velvet ribbons for laces. They are painted to show pink skin cells.
Configurations exhibition information on post in front of Pink pieces and configurations painting.
Epidermis Shoes on plinth next to "After The Bath" painting and selection of prints, cards, and books.
Close up of "Teeth" painting in frame next to other framed artworks on the wall.

This collaborative exhibition brings together the figurative works of Marnie Glue and the abstract paintings of Ryan Jones.
Individually the artists approach topics surrounding fractured forms and isolated imagery of the human body, though through this exhibit they work on composing the space- fitting the artworks alongside one another and configuring new media. The artists work with mediums such as oils, acrylic, pastels, textiles, latex, and writing. Working with their alternative styles and approaches they seek to intrigue audiences into constructing their own ways of seeing.


The couple met whilst studying Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2018, and after graduating in 2021 they have since moved back to Marnie’s hometown to pursue their respective art careers. Though this is the couples first time exhibiting together, this is Marnie’s 2nd Exhibition at Gallery No.30 following the     “HUMAN. Flesh and Narrative” exhibition last summer. She currently works as the curator of the gallery and the pair are pleased to be able to present their artworks in such a welcoming space.

Epidermis Shoes

These shoes were found in a charity shop, their indented pattern reminded me of the epidermis layer of the skin as seen from under a microscope. I decided to paint them with acrylic to mimic the skin cells, and used latex and human hair on the soles to make a more familiar skin layer. Hoping to draw the connection between the fleshy elements. The velvet ribbon laces were chosen after a friend, who used to work with bodies, told me that human insides have a velvety texture.


I've recently taken to painting with oils, I love the viscosity and tones of this paint. These artworks are my first approaches with this medium, experimenting with subjects and perspectives.

Oil painting of ginger, bearded man, laying up on his elbows shirtless with a sword in his hand. Painted from his shoulders to belly button, with visible nipple.
Oil painted self portrait, square framed. Young woman topless, painted from shoulders up, with her head resting on a closed palm. Her eyes are soft, her face glum, curly blonde/brown hair wisps into a gradient blue background.

Self (2023)- oil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm

Ryan (2023)- oil on canvas, A4


Pink Pieces (2023)- oil on canvas, A3


Mouth (2023)- oil on canvas, 10cm x 10cm

After the Bath (2023)- oil on board, A4

Legs (2023)- oil on board, cm x cm

Eye (2023)- oil on canvas, 5cm x 5cm

Teeth (2023)- oil on canvas, 5cm x 5cm

Lip under a Microscope (2023)- acrylic on canvas, A4

Skin (2023)- acrylic and latex on canvas, 5cm x 5cm

Crunched Belly (2023)- oil on canvas, 40cm x 40cm

Umbilical (2023)- oil on canvas, cm x cm

Stitches (2023)- acrylic on canvas print, 30cm x 30cm

Breast (2023)- framed pencil on paper, cm x cm

Rolls (2023)- oil on canvas, A2

Collaborative Piece

As the exhibition was a collaborative venture, we felt that it was important to create a joint painting together. Combining our different techniques into one cohesive piece. We took turns building the layers, and though it looks very different compared to the rest of my work, I don't think that the overall effect is too jarring. It worked as a good base for the exhibition, blending the contrasting works together.

Configurations (2023)- acrylic and pastel on canvas, 1m x 1m

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