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Image of Marnie Glue with her painting "After The Bath", which is on display in the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

Artist Statement

Marnie Glue is a mixed media artist from Hampshire whose work focuses on the experience of being in the body. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Cardiff School of Art and Design, where she began the “Living in Flesh” project.

Through mediums such as soft sculpture, textiles, painting, writing, and installation her work depicts the physicality of flesh and highlights often overlooked details. She uses traditional techniques such as knitting and embroidery to approach more uncomfortable subjects like meat, the human form, and bodily functions. Marnie questions our relationship with our bodies: how we interact with it and objectify it, and how we can better understand the feeling of being inside it.

The “Flesh Objects” series, started in 2021 and uses flesh as material to reimagine the domestic space as an extension of the human body. Since then her work has developed to create more wearable items and larger installation pieces within the “Living in Flesh” project. Recently, Marnie’s work has become more focused on the women’s experience, specifically looking at the woman's body and viewing it through the female lens. She finds, that the objectification of this has more interesting questions to be discussed, such as how to take ownership of our bodies and feel empowerment, whilst addressing the sexualisation that can come with this. 
Inspired by Dorothea Tanning’s Surrealist soft sculptures, Jenny Saville’s distorted documentation of the body, and Louise Bourgeois’ mixed media sculpture pieces. Marnie hopes to draw awareness to the viewers’ own body and encourage an appreciation for it.


- Gallery No.30- "Our Natural World" exhibition January 2024

Cardiff Umbrella- "in the flesh" exhibition December 2023, curated by Hannah Walters and Rachel Head

Lion and the Unicorn- exhibition to accompany "ART" performance at Stroud Village Hall- November 2023

- Ripe- November 2023 publication

-Gallery No.30- "Configurations" exhibition May 2023

- Gallery No.30- Curating the "Celebration of Life" exhibition for local artists- January 2023

Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition- Betty Haggard Sculpture Award- 23rd August 2022

- Gallery No.30- "HUMAN. Flesh and Narrative" Exhibition- 25th June- 31st July 2022

- Gallery No. 30-  displaying "Meat Chair" and other "Flesh Objects" pieces- January- February 2022

- STOA Collective- "Catalyst" online exhibition- 16th March 2021

- The Student Gallery- April 2021 Publication

- Radio Talk with Pitch Radio/ Radio Cardiff- 10th June 2021-  

Finale 2021 Show Artist Talk- 16th June 2021

- TSDAP- July 2021 publication

- STOA Talk- on Instagram- 7th July 2021-

- First Class Honours at Cardiff School of Art and Design- September 2018- June 2021

- Helen Gregory Award Scholarship- 2020

The Alton Decorative and Fine Art’s Society Scholarship for Excellence in Art- 2018

Images from Exhibitions and Publications:

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