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LOOK AT ME MARNIE GLUE. Lino Print of naked woman staring into the camera. She is kneeling on the floor, with her hands between her leg, leaning forward so her breast hang in the middle and her face takes up most of the scene.

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Currently, I'm working on a set of Lino Prints.

The series is called "Look At Me", and is made to comment on the sexualisation of young women and bodily autonomy.

look at me- page 96- written piece_edited.jpg

Recent Exhibitions and Publications:

 March 2024 - I was featured in Issue 2 of Ripe Magazine. They published my lino print series "Look At Me", along with the accompanied poem (See Left).

1st-18th December 2023- I exhibited artwork in the exhibition "In The Flesh" at Cardiff Umbrella. My pieces,  "Nervous System", "Skin", and "Organism".

Beginning of December 2023- I exhibited artwork to accompany a performance of "ART" by a local theatre group, in Stroud Village Hall. The display featured my artworks "Dancing Queen", "Skin Study" and "Blood Candle".

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