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For Recent updates on my work, check out my Instagram:

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Currently, I'm working on a set of Lino Prints.

The series is called "Look At Me", and is made to comment on the sexualisation of young women and bodily autonomy.


Recent Exhibitions and Publications:

1st-18th December 2023- I exhibited artwork in the exhibition "In The Flesh" at Cardiff Umbrella. My pieces,  "Nervous System", "Skin", and "Organism".

Beginning of December 2023- I exhibited artwork to accompany a performance of "ART" by a local theatre group, in Stroud Village Hall. The display featured my artworks "Dancing Queen", "Skin Study" and "Blood Candle".

 November 2023 - I was featured in Issue 1 of Ripe Magazine. They published 2 writing pieces: "Body Conscious" and "Exhaustion", as well as 6 of my other pieces: "Legs", "Body Scan1", "Skin Jacket", "Crunched Belly", "Umbilical", and "Human Candles".

For purchases, commissions, and other enquiries.

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